Although less known the Panamanian nature features comparable bio diversity and wildlife as neighboring Costa Rica. It’s home to nearly 1000 species of birds, 231 mammals and 200+ reptiles and amphibians. About 30% of Panamanian land is protected through national parks, wildlife refuges and reserves. The tapirs, cougars, six monkey species, harpy eagle, scarlet & green macaws even the elusive jaguar roam the rainforests in Panama. Besides that, Panama is one of the world’s very top destinations for saltwater fishermen. Marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, roosterfish and cubera snapper, wahoo, mahi, bluefin trevally, snook (and increasingly Atlantic tarpon migrants), grouper, amberjack and almaco, and quite a few more are common and you rarely sail back empty handed. Panama holds multiple IGFA records for a number of game-fish species, including mahi (11 records), black marlin (four), roosterfish (six), rainbow runner (nine), Pacific sailfish (12), mullet snapper (16), Pacific cubera snapper (14), Pacific snook (four) and many others. And last but not least, don’t forget the pristine Pacific & Caribbean beaches!